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Why Strengths?

When we use our strengths, research tells us we're happier, engaged and more likely to achieve our goals. Knowing your strengths helps you to focus on the tasks you do well and enjoy

This doesn't just benefit you, but also the people, teams and organisations you work with. When each person knows their strengths and makes use of them, team relationships are stronger and people produce better work

Our simple assessment reveals much more than just your strengths. Strengths Profile reveals four categories, helping you to take action and enjoy more of your life

Realised Strengths

Strengths you use and enjoy


Unrealised Strengths

Strengths you don't use as often


Learned Behaviours

Things you do well but may not enjoy



Things you find hard and don’t enjoy


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Over 300,000 people have used Strengths Profile to realise their strengths, including teams from:

When you become more aware of your strengths, you can use them to become your best self. Strengths Profile will help you to:
  • Know yourself

    Understand what motivates you and why

  • Be happier

    Be more engaged in what you do and feel more energised

  • Achieve your goals

    Know how to accomplish what you want

  • Improve performance

    Do more of what you’re good at and be more productive

  • Build team relationships

    Understand and enhance your interactions with others

  • Strengthen your career

    Make better decisions about your career and your future

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Take your knowledge of strengths and coaching to a deeper level by becoming accredited or working with our toolkits.

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Find out more about the strengths approach and how strengths can support you to be your best self every day.

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Sample Profiles

View samples of our available products.

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