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Case Studies

See how we've helped others get the best from themselves and their people.


Capp delivered Strengths-based team development to help the BBC Online Technology Group in playing to their strengths. The workshop included a range of individual and team exercises. Results included the team have a greater understanding in how to use their strengths in their role and appreciated each other further.


First Wessex

Capp engaged with the Learning & Development and HR teams at First Wessex to upskill them in Strengths Profile by undertaking the accreditation programme and their own team development workshop. The teams then ran their own team development workshops and coaching sessions using Strengths Profile. This resulted in improved communications through more efficient approaches and a drive in behaviour to continue improvements.



Capp accredited the team responsible for the ‘Building Strengths in Leaders’ programme to use strengths in this event and with their clients. Results included their people managers having deeper coaching insights and enhanced ability to unleash potential and a positive impact on unconscious bias in the workplace.


Standard Chartered Bank

Great Managers
Capp worked with Standard Chartered to revamp their Great Manager Programme, developing a module on strengths-based management using Strengths Profile Model of Development. It has been rolled out to over 580 managers in 38 separate workshops. Results included managers being further engaged at work, having practical tools and an increase in confidence to use strengths.


Thomson Reuters

Capp have developed over 500 women to fully realise their strengths, so that they can understand the unique talents they can offer their organisation and help them experience positive personal benefits. Through a combination of coaching and program-led activity delegates this resulted in women having a greater confidence and capacity to influence and helped them to maximise strengths for high performance.


Warwick University

Career Development
Many student Careers and Skills staff have been trained as Accredited Practitioners of Strengths Profile. This allows them to have regular one-to-one debriefs with students and graduates to support career choices. The debriefs, along with workshops developing their strengths to gain further confidence, have enabled Warwick to see an increase in interview and CV confidence.


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