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The Strengths Profile individual reports now include a free optional career sector guide helping you make future choices that are both successful and rewarding.

New to strengths? Join our 'Develop your strengths' webinars in May - Register

New to strengths? Join our 'Develop your strengths' webinars in May - Register



Founded in 2005, Cappfinity have spent the past 11 years designing new and better ways of assessing people. At the heart of our product offering is our ‘Strengths’ methodology’, which has been developed by our CEO Alex Linley, a leading expert in the field of Positive Psychology.

By understanding your business requirements and supporting people to identify their own individual strengths, Cappfinity will help you create a better aligned, more highly motivated and more productive workforce.

From attracting the very best talent to supporting more experienced individuals seek out their next career move, we continually provide new and innovative products and solutions which deliver exceptional results for our partner organisations.

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