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Basket Summary
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Revealing up to 21 key results to help you take action across realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses. Ideal for individuals who want to focus their strengths towards achievement of goals and better performance.

For a more in-depth Strengths Profile revealing all 60 strengths and patterns across the Strengths Families. Ideal for coaches and deeper development conversations to help maximise your strengths.

Using the individual Expert Profiles to understand a group's strengths. For facilitators, HR and managers wanting to achieve higher performance and engagement by enabling groups to play to their strengths.

Supporting people to get the best from their groups by summarising and developing their direct profile's key strengths. Ideal for managers and leaders to develop talent and have effective on-boarding conversations.

Facilitate your own group development session in 3 easy steps with our toolkit that enables you to get the best from the groups you work with.

An interactive pdf toolkit that enables managers to apply strengths every day in their groups through approaches and conversations.

Self Accreditation

A more in-depth Strengths Profile revealing where all 60 strengths sit and patterns across the Strengths Families. Ideal for coaches and deeper development conversations to help maximise your strengths.

Use our individual 60 strengths cards, and suggestions to bring alive your coaching conversations and group workshops.

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