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Our Toolkits will help you to apply Strengths Profile in every part of your personal and professional life. They give you the tools to embed strengths in your practice or organisation, deliver great coaching conversations and facilitate engaging strengths workshops.

Team Toolkit

What's Included:

All you need to run a strengths workshop:
  • Best practice on strengths and running your workshop
  • Tips on debriefing the Team Profile
  • Facilitator Guide and workshop slides for over 30 strengths development exercises, including leadership, goal achievement, and self-awareness

Who Should Use It?

Coaches who want to run workshops that enable teams to have a greater understanding of their own, and others, strengths and weaknesses. Organisations who want to embed a rewarding culture by bringing people together to share and develop their strengths.

Manager Toolkit

What's Included:

  • Understanding your own strengths and how these relate to your management
  • Practical suggestions to apply strengths daily in your team
  • Templates and conversations for informal and formal strengths conversations

Who Should Use It?

Managers who are invested in getting the best out of the individual people in their team through understanding and applying their strengths in their role. Organisations who want to embed the strengths culture by upskilling their managers to have transformational conversations with your people.

Coaching Toolkit

What's Included:

  • Best practice strengths coaching
  • Templates and worksheets for over 20 strengths coaching conversations
  • Coaching questions on all 60 strengths
  • Tips on your coaching strengths

Who Should Use It?

Coaches who want to apply the results of Strengths Profile in all their coaching conversations with confidence. Managers who want an easy and positive solution to rewarding and challenging management conversations.

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