Strengths Training

Strengths Profile training gives you the expertise and experience to be a strengths coach that can help others be their Best SELF. Choose the training that suits you or your organisation’s needs

  1. Level 1



    The Strengthener Programme gives an overview of the coaching principles and best practice of Strengths Profile. It’s an ideal refresher for people who are already accredited or a taster and introduction into the Level 2 Accreditation Programme.

    • 3 hours - online or in-person learning
    • 3 Expert Profiles
    • 50% discount for existing Practitioner's own use
    • 15% discount on Online Accreditation programme
    • Certificate
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  2. Level 2



    The Strengths Profile Accreditation is a 17 hour online or two-day in-person programme that enables you to learn how to get the best from your people through powerful strengths debriefs. You’ll learn about the strengths approach, science and have an opportunity to practice your coaching live.

    • 17 hours - online or in-person learning
    • 3 Expert Profiles
    • PDF of The Strengths Profile Book
    • 10% discount on Profiles
    • Certificate
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  3. Level 3



    For Strengths Profile Accredited Practitioners to become an expert in strengths coaching and take their application of strengths to the next level. Covering a deeper dive into strengths coaching and the many ways you can use Strengths Profile as well as in-depth knowledge on strengthening individuals, teams, careers, and managers.

    • 14 hours - online or in-person learning
    • 4 Toolkits included: Coaching, Team, Careers and Manager
    • 15% discount on Profiles
    • Certificate
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If you're a coach new to Strengths Profile, you can try out an Expert Profile for free

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