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You can discover your top 3 realized strengths, 3 unrealized strengths, 2 learned behaviors and 1 weakness in our Free Starter Profile. Use it to start your strengths journey, gain self-awareness of what you love to do and support any job applications. You can choose to upgrade to a more in-depth Profile at any time to learn more of your strengths and gain action advice, tips and a career guide to release further potential.

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How is Strengths Profile different?​

Our unique Strengths Model reveals your realized strengths, unrealized strengths, learned behaviors and weaknesses, helping you to discover more about what you love to do. Use the language to inform your career and be your Best SELF every day.


    Realized Strengths

    Strengths you use and enjoy

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    Unrealized Strengths

    Strengths you don't use as often

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    Learned Behaviors

    Things you do well but may not enjoy

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    Things you find hard and don't enjoy

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How knowing my strengths helped me

Chelsea Williams

Find out how Chelsea Williams, Founder and CEO of College Code is changing the game for job seekers with Strengths Profile.

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