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Being introduced to my unrealised strengths has helped me to make a difference to others and enjoy my role more

I was introduced to Strengths Profile as my friend was being accredited in the tool and I was doing him a favour of using my Profile to practice a debrief on. What a great favour that turned out to be!

I was happy enough doing what I’ve always done in a role that I had been in for many years. Or so I thought. After our strengths coaching session I realised that I had a lot of unrealised strengths, so there was a lot of things I was motivated to do but wasn’t doing. We talked through some of these strengths, Enabler, Esteem Builder and Service. I had never considered these before, although I was pleased to see them as I do use them in my personal life with the kids. I had never thought about looking for opportunities to use them at work as I usually work on my own.

I set up a mentoring service for the new joiners within a few months to teach them some of my skills and I am delighted at how this is going. I get to feel like I’ve contributed more as I watch them take on new responsibilities with more confidence.

Reveal your strengths

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