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Understanding my strengths better and what really drives me helped me to find a new job that I really enjoy

I had a job in marketing for a large management consultant. I had always wanted to work for this organisation for as long as I can remember and was very grateful to be here. However, after a while I started to question whether this was the right role for me. I went into marketing as I love working with people and collaborating with others, but I seemed to be stuck behind a desk all day chasing people for information.

My manager suggested I work with a coach to take my role to the next level in marketing and they introduced me to Strengths Profile. When I saw my results and we talked these through in relation to my role there was a sense of relief as I finally understood my frustration. It turned out that I was de-energised in getting things done even though I have always been someone who really loves to organise, plan and drive things forward. I thought these would have been my strengths. After working this through with my coach, I realised that I was quite de-energised by Action and Drive and these had now become learned behaviours, as I felt I wasn’t getting enough off the ground.

When a job came up in the organisation for an events co-ordinator, I snapped it up and I could talk through my passion for being an Organiser and Planner. These soon became my realised strengths once again.

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