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Recognising exactly where my passion was, I was able to take the leap that I’ve always wanted to.

I had an opportunity to complete Strengths Profile as part of an off-site team development day. It was great getting to know everyone’s strengths and talk about mine. My realised strengths in Service, Empathic and Emotional Awareness didn’t come as a surprise to anyone in the team! I’m always nurturing others and feel at my best when I’ve made someone feel special or really cared and gone above and beyond for them. I was fascinated to know more about my profile, so I found a coach to go through the results with me.

It turned out I was great at playing to my strengths at work, but not applying them to myself! I realised my Work Ethic and Compassion were currently draining me, as I was so busy looking after everyone else. I have since reduced my hours and now still get to do the job I love, with the people I care about, but with a bit of down time for me. I’ve even starting running and entered my first 10k!

If it wasn’t for Strengths Profile, I probably would’ve given up on this job, now I'm managing a team and I'm looking forward to the future. I’m also much more confident as a result of using my strengths to get the best out of people.

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