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What's Included:

Our Team Expert Toolkit equips you with all you need to run a strengths workshop with tips on debriefing the Team Expert Profile and a facilitator guide and workshop slides for over 30 strengths development exercises – with topics such as leadership, goal achievement, and complementary partnering.

Who Should Use It?

Coaches wanting to facilitate team workshops that bring people together to understand and celebrate their collective strengths for better ways of working. In-house professionals wishing to embed a strengths-based culture in their organisation by developing the greatness in their people.

What Will I Learn?

The Team Expert Toolkit will enable you to understand the strengths of your team and facilitate engaging team sessions in 3 easy steps. Firstly, you will learn the science of strengths, the model of development and the benefits of adopting a strengths-based approach. Next, you'll learn how to prepare for your team session by geting to know the team, interpreting what the Team Expert Profile is telling you and then selecting the exercises that will benefit them the most. Finally you'll learn how to facilitate your team session with exercises and facilitator notes to put together a selection of strengths exercises that will see your team motivated to achieve their goals.

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Team Manager Toolkit

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Sovereign is a relational business, working with employees, residents, partners and stakeholders. Strengths Profile has helped us understand each other and collaborate more effectively. We have a common language to be aware and work with people’s strengths, getting the best out of people and being most effective.

Clare Kirk
Organisational Development Consultant, Sovereign

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    Sharing how a common language helps get the best out of people and to be more effective

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