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Strengths Profile

Online Accreditation

Online Accreditation

What's Included:

  • Three Expert Strengths Profiles
  • Pack of Strengths Coaching Cards
  • Delegate Workbook and Certificate
  • 10% discount on all future Profiles on completion
  • The Strengths Profile Book

Who Should Use It?

Coaches who want to bring out the best in their coachees by developing their realised and unrealised strengths, and prevent potential burnout through minimising the impact of their learned behaviours and weaknesses.

What Will I Learn?

  • A deeper understanding of the tool, its application, and the 60 strengths
  • Best practice in strengths coaching
  • How to unlock potential through our Strengths Model of Development
  • Receive feedback on your coaching and receive a strengths debrief

Online Accreditation

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As someone who manages a team of coaches and trains coaches globally, the Strengths Profile is an exceptional value tool. The Profile is highly insightful for your coachee, helping them identify how their strengths play out every day as well as identifying ways strengths can assist with weaknesses or activities they do not enjoy at work. I love that it is not a tool that puts people in a box but it is dynamic and helps people show up as the best version of themselves.

Sue Langley
CEO of Langley Group

Case Studies

  • Thomas Reuters logo

    Developing over 500 women to utilise their unique talents to support personal and career goals

  • Sharing how strengths helped them achieve the ‘2018 Princess Royal Training Award’

  • The Sovereign logo

    Sharing how a common language helps get the best out of people and to be more effective

Learn More

  • The Strengths Model

    Learn how to take the right action in each quadrant of your Profile results

  • How others see my strengths

    Receive feedback on ways your strengths make a difference using the worksheet

  • Realising your potential

    Read our blog and make that plan to reveal more of your unrealised strengths

  • Your strengths legacy

    Strengthen your future with our blog tips on creating your legacy


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