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Careers Development Toolkit

Careers Development Toolkit

What's Included:

Our Career Development Toolkit includes all you need to facilitate practical career coaching with your students. You will receive templates and worksheets for career conversations and workshops, practical guidance for preparing students for their future careers as well as guidance on how to prepare students for Strengths-based assessments which are being used by 43% of employers (ISE 2018).

Who Should Use It?

Careers Services Professionals and Career Coaches who want to help their students and coachees to understand and develop their strengths, to be their Best SELF and to articulate their own story through strengths

What Will I Learn?

What's your ideal job? This can be the hardest question to answer at any stage, let alone as a student. Our Toolkit gives you the structure to facilitate practical career coaching conversations and workshops with your students. We take the hard work from thinking about how to apply the strengths-based approach through giving strengths templates that focus on understanding where students want to go, their story and how their strengths will help them get there.

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Careers Development Toolkit

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College is long on skills and experiences, but short on strategies for leveraging and showcasing them. This workshop helped students name and present their abilities for a variety of professions, which they recognized as exceptionally valuable. Colleen’s approach of identifying and exploring strengths, connecting that knowledge to their professional vocations, and developing a personal brand gave personalized, hands-on career development that aligned with the department’s creative and conscious culture.

Dr Julia Voss
Assistant Professsor of English

Case Studies

  • The Warwick University logo

    Training the Student Careers team to increase self-awareness and interview and CV confidence

  • Practitioner Colleen shares her insights into strengths coaching and top tips

  • Identifying and developing student’s strengths to present their abilities in CVs and applications

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  • Using our strengths enables us to enjoy endless benefits such as increasing our performance, goal achievement, happiness and confidence – and the list goes on. Be honest though, have you ever overplayed one of your strengths?

  • Accepting weaknesses

    We all have talents that help us stand out and succeed, and the better you know yourself, the easier time you’ll have maximising your potential and happiness in your career.

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    When people talk about strengths, most will probably think about “the things I’m good at” and that’s why people misunderstand strengths.


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