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Help article: Teams

Looking to organise and support a group of people? We can walk you through our team tools.

What has happened to my team now that Groups and Teams has merged

Groups and Teams has merged into Groups, so that the process becomes more efficient and easier to manage.

Any teams you had previously created are still there and have not changed. 

Creating a new team is almost the same as before, only first you will need to create a group

Once you have created the group, you will be able to select the members you wish to generate a Team Expert Profile with. 

To do this, select the members you wish to invite, and then press the Manage your uses to obtain a Team Expert Profile button.

As before, Team Expert Profiles can only be generated from Individual Expert profiles so please do make sure your members either have these or that you have puchased the Upgrade to Expert before trying to generate the team report.

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