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Help article: Invites

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How do I create and view an invitations group

To create an invitations group, please log in to your account.

Click on My Dashboard and select the invitations tab.

Select the Send an Invitation button and type in your invitees email address and personalised message. 

You will see underneath a tick box saying "Would you like to invite your invitees to a group?"

If you choose to add the invitees to a new group, you will be asked to give the group a name.

If you choose to invite them to an existing group, you will be asked to provide the name of the group you wish to add them to.

Select if you would like to withold the profile and then press send. 


To view the invitations group, select the Groups tab.

Click on the name of the group you wish to view. 

Here you will be able to see the status of your invitations.

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