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Help article: Purchases

Are you experiencing issues at our store, or can't find what you are looking for? Here are some solutions to common problems and frequently asked questions.

How do I manage my uses

Managing uses is making sure you have enough profiles in each of your respective areas to supply demand.

For example making sure you keep your groups topped up if they are accesible by a shared code. 

To manage your uses please log into your account. 

The amount of uses you have will be visible by following the following steps;

-If you are using the Practitioner dashboard then you will be able to see an overview of your current profiles in the top tab. 

-If you using the Profile dashboard,  please click into the purchases tab. At the top of this you will be able to see your uses. 

To manage you uses for each group you have, please click into groups and then select the group you wish to add or remove uses from. 

Select the Manage Your Uses button.

Use the <> arrows to transfer the product either to your group or back into your personal account. 


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