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Strengths Profile is the world’s leading strengths assessment that unlocks the potential of individuals, groups, teams and organisations.

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Why Strengths?

When we use our strengths, research tells us we're happier, engaged and more likely to achieve our goals. Knowing your strengths helps you to focus on the tasks you do well and enjoy. This doesn't just benefit you, but also the people, groups, teams and organisations you work with. When each person knows their strengths and makes use of them, group and team relationships are stronger and people produce better work

You can make a real difference to your clients by discovering and developing their strengths. The benefits of using Strengths Profile are:

  • Positive Results

    The Profile focuses on what we love to do,leading to a happy outcome for your people

  • Development Path

    The Profile identifies a clear path to development that you can work on with your people

  • Backed by Science

    The profile has been developed by psychologists and is backed by research

  • Appreciate Diversity

    The Profile brings out the uniqueness of your people

  • Great Group Results

    The Team Expert Profile brings out the best in your groups too

  • Scalable

    The Profile, along with our toolkits, can be used to strengthen your entire organisation

Why Coach with Strengths Profile?

Strengths Profile will help your clients have deeper insights as we reveal 4 areas to coach with, underpinned by a robust model of development. Supporting your clients to reflect on what they already do well will bring new appreciation to their success stories, whilst revealing their hidden talents you can encourage stretching goals. You can also ensure your coachees don’t get too burned out by limiting their learned behaviours and weaknesses. Our action advice gives you the language to enable positive results, so whether you have been coaching for years or are a newcomer, you can easily understand how to get the best from people.

Over 300,000 people have used Strengths Profile to realise their strengths, including teams from:

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