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Strengths Profile Accreditation Programme

Whether you are a practitioner, manager or coach, you will want to get the best from the people you work with. That means maximising strengths use, unlocking potential and preventing burn out. Becoming accredited in Strengths Profile will allow you to have a deeper understanding of the tool and our model of development. You will have richer coaching conversations and enable individuals and teams realise and apply their strengths whilst knowing what to delegate.

Whether you choose the Self-Accreditation or two day in-house option, we will take you on a journey of theory and practical learning from the strengths experts.

Accredited practitioners receive 10% off all products.


Become a strengths practitioner today. Our self-accreditation programme is delivered through a series of online videos and follow up assignments with a final live coaching session. Price £795+VAT.

Self-Accreditation Programme Overview

  1. Introducing Strengths

    Videos Assignment
    1. Introducing the Programme, Capp and Strengths 06 min 1. Learn the SP Dictionary 30 min
    2. The Benefits and Applications of Strengths 07 min 2. Complete the Strengths names in the SP knowledge check 15 min
  2. Getting to know Strengths Profile

    Videos Assignment
    3. Background and profiles 13 min 1. Complete 'Whats the difference' in your workbook 30 min
    4. Validity and Comparison 12 min 2. Understand the impact of your Strengths Families 30 min
    5. Strength stats: Cultural differences 14 min
  3. Coaching with the SP Model of Development

    Videos Assignment
    6. Using your Realised Strengths wisely 07 min 1. Complete the questions in relation to a goal of your own 30 min
    7. Using your Learned Behaviours as Needed 11 min
    8. Using your Weaknesses Less 08 min
    9. Using your Unrealised Strengths more 10 min
    10. Strengths Families and Expert Profiles 12 min
  4. Best Practice

    Videos Assignment
    11. Setting up your Debrief 10 min 1. Read the Best Practice Guide 20 min
    12. Different Profiles 23 min 2. Ensure your volunteers complete SP 00 min
  5. Understanding how Strengths work Dynamically

    Videos Assignment
    13. Understanding how Strengths work Dynamically 24 min 1. Review the SP Quadrant and answer the questions - check your own hypothesis 40 min
    2. Prepare for your Debriefs 60 min
  6. Debrief Demonstration

    Videos Assignment
    14. Strengths Profile Debrief 70 min 1. Conduct a full SP Debrief with your first volunteer - note your reflections 60 min
    2. Watch a Debrief demonstration with Chris 60 min
  7. SP Model of Development

    Videos Assignment
    15. Demonstration of using the SP Model of Development to achieve a goal 60 min 1. Coach your second volunteer to reach a goal 60 min
  8. Live Accreditation

    Videos Assignment
    Live Session Perform a live SP Debrief with partner, assessed by a Capp Coach 120 min 1. Complete your learning reflections of the three SP Debriefs 30 min
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Face to Face Accreditation

We also cover the same engaging content throughout a two-day in-house programme at your premises. Ideal for organisations who want to bring together a group of Strengths Profile champions to embed the culture of performing through strengths

Leaders and Managers

Unlock the potential of your people through a strengths-based approach to Management

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Learn how to coach individuals to succeed in their role and deliver on their goals through our Strengths Profile Accreditation.

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Team Building

Using the Strengths Team Profile, understand the collective strengths of your teams to improve productivity and engagement.

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