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Strengths Profile gives you a complete understanding of your strengths so you can make the most of them at work, at home and in your relationships with others.

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Leaders and Managers

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Strengths Profile is an online assessment, developed by Capp, that offers deep insights as we assess your strengths across three areas:

  • Performance

    how well you perform when using these strengths

  • Energy

    how energised you are by using these strengths

  • Use

    how often you use these strengths

The Profile

There are four types of Strengths Profile - Introductory and Expert for individuals, as well as Team and Manager Insights for organisations

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The Toolkits

We also have toolkits to help you embed the Profiles in your organisation

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What will you discover in Strengths Profile?

You may recognise a handful of strengths, but you're also likely to discover much more hidden talent! Our Profile helps you to understand what you love to do and what you don't, using these four categories:

Realised Strengths

Strengths you use and enjoy

Unrealised Strengths

Strengths you don't use as often

Learned Behaviours

Things you do well but may not enjoy


Things you find hard and don’t enjoy

Put Your Strengths into Practice

Strengths Profile also gives you action advice for each of the 4 categories, allowing you to be your best self every day

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