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Why Strengths?

An accurate strengths assessment not only helps you become more aware of your passions and abilities, but gives you an awareness of whether you are using them effectively. We have identified 60 key strengths to give you a more detailed analysis, resulting in a unique Profile that feels like a true representation of who you are

Strengths Profile is a simple online assessment that offers deep insights as we assess your strengths across three areas:

  • Performance

    how well you perform when using these strengths

  • Energy

    how energised you are by using these strengths

  • Use

    how often you use these strengths

What will you discover in Strengths Profile?

You may recognise a handful of strengths, but you're also likely to discover much more hidden talent! Our Profile helps you to understand what you love to do and what you don't, using these four categories:

Realised Strengths

Strengths you use and enjoy

Unrealised Strengths

Strengths you don't use as often

Learned Behaviours

Things you do well but may not enjoy


Things you find hard and don’t enjoy

Put Your Strengths into Practice

Strengths Profile also gives you action advice for each of the 4 categories, allowing you to be your best self every day


Use Wisely

Use your realised strengths wisely by dialling them up or down depending on the task

You’ve probably become well known for these strengths and they have served you well . However, remember to use the full range of strengths you have an dial them up and down accordingly to the your situation


Use More

Find opportunities in and out of work to use your unrealised strengths more

We call these your hidden talents, so don’t store them away for too long! Look for new ways to explore and use them. Try aligning them further with your current and future goals


Use As Needed

Use your learned behaviours only when needed to keep you energised

You may have thought these were your strengths as you are good at these things. As they don't give you energy, it is essential to make a conscious effort to only use as and when required


Use Less

Use your weaknesses less to avoid any impact they have on you or those around you

We all have them, honest! By identifying and talking about these you can understand whether they have an impact on you. If not, use them less and if they do, use your strengths to compensate

The Profile

There are four types of Strengths Profile - Introductory and Expert for individuals, as well as Team and Manager Insights for organisations

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