The results of Strengths Profile provide students and educators with the tools and language to unlock people’s authentic Best SELF. The Career Guide included, which recommends sectors that play to your strengths, will support career choices and enable conscious career choices. Every Career Service can apply free for 30 Strengths Profiles and a 'Strengthening your Career' workshop as a pilot for your students.

Students at institutions that use strengths to develop them are 30x more engaged and excited about their future

Strengthen your Students

Every Career Service can apply for one free 'Strengthen your Students' pilot. Use the 30 Strengths Profiles, a 'Strengthen your Career' workshop to empower people towards a career they love.

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Career Services

Strengthen Career Services

As an educator within a school, college or university strengthening students is easy with our tools and resources. Strengths Profile reveals a student’s realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses to give them the self-awareness to develop their unique talent, the language to prepare for future assessments and confidence in knowing which career paths they’ll be successful in. Try the assessment yourself today.

1. Strengthen Students

Our discounted Introductory Profile is priced for higher education users and reveals to students their realized and unrealized strengths, learned behaviors and weaknesses. Students can focus on what they want to be known for as well as understand which future careers play to their strengths. Their unique results will help students choose authentic careers and narrate their strengths story.

Don’t stop there, use Strengths Profile to unlock your own team’s talent.

Register with an education email domain to purchase Profiles online at the discounted rate

Introductory Profile Expert Profile
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Training your Career Services

Our Strengths Profile Accreditation and Career Development Toolkit will enable you to use strengths-based coaching techniques through focused career conversations and workshops resources to support students as they discover and learn how to apply their strengths to succeed. You'll be empowered to help transform your students' happiness, engagement and confidence with transitioning into their future career.

Online Accreditation

To become a strengths career advisor, and champion the transformation of your career conversations, we would advise you to complete our Online Accreditation. You’ll learn about the science and application of our successful model of development which gives students actions and results that keep them engaged. The Program will help you learn about your own strengths too, and give you the knowledge, confidence and practice to get the most from your student coaching conversations.

Learn More
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Download Overview

Strengthener Programme

The programme gives an overview of the coaching principles and best practice of Strengths Profile. It’s an ideal starter to help career advisers learn the strengths approach and give them confidence to start strengthening students. For those keen to transform career conversations we would recommend progression to the full accreditation programme. The online on-demand approach means you can learn at your own pace and includes 3 Expert Profiles.

Learn More
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Download Overview

The Strengths Profile Book

The Strengths Profile Book will help students develop their strengths even further. By using the language featured in the book for each of their strengths, students can authentically narrate their story in their applications and get tips on how to use their unrealized strengths to grow confidence.

Career Development Toolkit

Our Toolkit gives you best practice, advice and career coaching conversations, taking the hard work out of applying the strengths-based approach with your students. It helps you facilitate reflective and engaging strengths conversations and workshops that focus on understanding where students want to go and how their strengths will help them get there.

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Download Sample

Success Stories of Strengths Adopters

Read More Testimonials

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How do I use Strengths?

  1. Discover your strengths

    Our student rate Introductory Profile reveals 7 realised and unrealised strengths, 4 learned behaviours and 3 weaknesses with advice to develop Your Potential. The career guide will give you sector suggestions to help you understand which future careers play to your strengths.

  2. Learn more about yourself

    The Strengths Profile Book will support you to learn more about yourself and give you tips to develop your strengths further. Use the 'Describe Me' sections for each strength to authentically narrate your success stories - ready for that CV and job interview.

  3. Become the very best version of yourself

    The Be Your Best SELF Model gives you steps (Self-aware, Explore, Launch and Flourish) and resources at each stage to help you understand and make the most of your strengths to become the very best version of yourself.

Introductory Profile

Our Introductory Profiles enable you to support students in making study and career choices by helping them understand what they can do, love to do and what to avoid. The Profile reveals their unique Quadrant with up to 7 realized and unrealized strengths, 4 learned behaviors and 3 weaknesses, and tailored advice on how to develop each of these

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Get Samples:

Excluding Career Guide
Including Career Guide

The Strengths Profile Book

The Strengths Profile Book will help students develop their strengths even further. By using the language featured in the book for each of their strengths, students can authentically narrate their story in their applications and get tips on how to use their unrealized strengths to grow confidence.


The SELF Model gives you a step-by-step guide and additional resources to help you understand and make the most of your strengths to become the very best version of yourself. Be Your Best SELF today!

Go to SELF

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More ways to use Strengths

To provide coaches with more resources, enable managers to adopt the strengths approach in their management, and support organizations to build a strengths-based culture, read on.

  • Individuals

    Start your strengths journey with our Strengths Profile, and work your way through the SELF Model and book to reveal and develop your passions further.

    Learn More
  • Coaches

    Support your clients to make the right choices in their life and career by knowing themselves at their best. Become an expert strengths coach and facilitator with our Toolkits and Accreditation.

    Learn More
  • Managers

    Get the best from your team members by developing what people already do well and love to do. Use our Team Manager Profiles and Toolkits for advice and tips on being a strengths-based manager.

    Learn More
  • Organizations

    Develop a culture in your organisation where people can't wait to come to work. Our Profiles, Toolkits, and Training will teach you to embed a culture of success and engagement in your organisation.

    Learn More


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