Introductory Profile


Your FREE Strengths Career Guide (OPTIONAL)

Introductory Profile

What's Included:

Strengths Quadrant Revealing up to:

  • 7 realized and unrealized strengths
  • 4 learned behaviors
  • 3 weaknesses
  • Descriptions and development advice for each of the above
  • Action advice to release Your Potential using your unrealized strengths
  • Career Guide recommending up to 6 job sectors for your realized strengths and 2 potential sectors for your unrealized strengths (optional)

Please Note: Introductory Profiles cannot be used to generate the Team Profile

Who Should Use It?

Ideal for individual self-awareness, managers wishing to understand more about their people’s strengths, and coaches working with those new to strengths.

What will I learn?

Your Introductory Profile reveals your true uniqueness and gives you a clear understanding about what you can do and love to do best. You will be equipped with the self-awareness necessary to align your life with your top strengths and to start experiencing higher energy and greater success.

Using these insights and our practical advice for each strength, you’ll be able to be your very Best SELF every day.

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Introductory Profile

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I loved my Strengths Profile debrief and found it fascinating. What really excited and surprised me were my unrealized strengths which I was advised to dial up, as these could energize me more. I’m keen to explore what impact they would have on my career in the future now that I’m aware of them and that really motivates me. I feel like the Strengths Profile experience has opened more doors to the kind of work I could go into. This whole process has been really positive and energizing in itself, it has given me much food for thought and helped to build more confidence and belief in myself.

Vicki Gill

Case Studies

  • Strengthening the BBC Online Technology Group by playing to their team strengths

  • The Warwick University logo

    Training the Student Careers team to increase self-awareness and interview and CV confidence

  • Practitioner Colleen shares her insights into strengths coaching and top tips

Learn More

  • Explore your Strengths Profile

    You have your Strengths Profile at the ready and are now eager and excited to start making some action plans and do something rewarding with it.

  • Using the strengths language

    Strengths help us achieve our goals and to be successful, but they deliver so much more.

  • Building confidence with strengths

    Many of us will have heard people credit their sense of self-confidence as the key ingredient to their success and accomplishments.

  • How strengths help you achieve your goals

    Making an impact in our careers is a common desire.


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