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What's Included:

Strengths Quadrant Revealing up to:

  • 7 realized and unrealized strengths
  • 4 learned behaviors
  • 3 weaknesses
  • Descriptions and development advice for each of the above
  • Your Strengths career guide (optional)
  • Action advice to release Your Potential using your unrealized strengths
  • Career Guide recommending up to 6 job sectors for your realized strengths and 2 potential sectors for your unrealized strengths (optional)

Who Should Use It?

People who want to access their full potential by realizing and developing all of their strengths. Coaches wishing to unlock hidden talent with deeper development conversations and for anyone wishing to use with the Team Expert Profile.

What Will I Learn?

Equipped with your full set of 60 strengths and where they sit within the 4 quadrants, you will be able to go deeper into your strengths and understand exactly what makes you unique. With this knowledge and using our tailored advice for development advice, you'll know exactly what strengths to call on and when. You will also experience additional insight with the granular detail of the Profile revealing your areas of further potential happiness - be it through a new career, promotion or life change.

Using these insights and our practical advice for each strength, you’ll be able to be your very Best SELF every day.

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Expert Profile

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As my client was exploring new job possibilities, the Strengths Profile helped him see his past experience in a broader picture of not only what he was good at, but what he was passionate about. Looking at his realized and unrealized strengths and taking on the foundational element of what truly gave him energy, he was able to redirect his job search to a sector and businesses that would provide opportunities for him to be more fulfilled.

Kirstan Marnane
Marnane Consulting Ltd and Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Company

Case Studies

  • Enabling the ‘Building Strengths in Leaders’ program to strengthen their clients and people

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    Training the Student Careers team to increase self-awareness and interview and CV confidence

  • Practitioner Colleen shares her insights into strengths coaching and top tips

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    Using our strengths enables us to enjoy endless benefits such as increasing our performance, goal achievement, happiness and confidence – and the list goes on. Be honest though, have you ever overplayed one of your strengths?

  • Explore your Expert Strengths Profile

    You have your Strengths Profile at the ready and are now eager and excited to start making some action plans and do something rewarding with it.

  • Building confidence with strengths

    Many of us will have heard people credit their sense of self-confidence as the key ingredient to their success and accomplishments.

  • How strengths help you achieve your goals

    Making an impact in our careers is a common desire.


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