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Learn how you can develop your skills further with our strengths training

What are the benefits of being Level 2 Accredited?

You’ll be an Accredited Practitioner of the tool and can use this in your learning portfolio. You’ll also have the confidence, knowledge, best practice and experience of Strengths Profile to ensure you are getting the best from the people you are working with. You will need the Level 2 Accreditation to go on to our Level 3 Master programme. You’ll also receive 10% off all future Profile and Toolkit purchases.

What's the difference between the Strengthener and Accreditation?

The Level 1 Strengthener is a lighter programme which will introduce you to Strengths Profile and how to start coaching with it. It’s just 3 hours in length so is designed to be a lighter programme – perhaps as a refresher, for managers or to see if strengths are for you. There is no formal assessment at the end.


The Accreditation is 17 hours of in-depth learning about the tool, it’s application and demonstrations which you can complete at your convenience. There is no cut off point although we would recommend under 3 months. There is a final sign off where you will need to complete a live debrief.


Please see our training programmes for more details.

How do I access my certificate on completion?

Once your accredited through your final debrief, you can download your accreditation certificate throught your dashboard



Is the Accreditation accredited by a third party?

Cappfinity are the strengths experts, developers and owners of the Strengths Profile tool and we have a robust technical manual to support the reliability and validity of the tool.

The Strengths Profile tool is not accredited with a third party, as there are no professional bodies with expertise in strengths to be able to accredit the tool. Established expertise for assessment accreditation, such as with the British Psychological Society, relates to cognitive assessment or personality assessment. Strengths assessment is neither of these.


Cappfinity have designed and deliver our own Accredited Strengths Practitioner programmes, which have been ongoing for the last 10 years. We have approaching 3,000 accredited Strengths Practitioners who have been through our accreditation programmes.

What is the final assessment for Level 2 Online Accreditation?

Book your module 8 debrief slot on the training platform at any time after Module 4. We will pair you up with another programme participant so you can both debrief each other in the presence of a Cappfinity coach. We will you to share your Profile with the other participant and introduce you.


Booking debrief


Once you have booked you will see this confirmed in your dashboard. your debrief slot you will see a notification asking if you wish to re-book your live debrief. Please note, we ask you consider carefully before doing so as you may disappoint your partner if you have already been paired up.

cancel debrief

Can I buy multiple trainings and pass them on to colleagues?

Yes. If you have bought it for someone else or many people, use the ‘Invites and Transfers’ and Transfers to forward this on via an automated email from our platform. Please note you can only transfer 1 product at a time. The recipient will receive an email to accept the transfer and they can begin the training.




How do I access the online training?

For online training purchased online you will have immediate access to the programme in your left-hand menu of the dashboard. Click on the programme to unlock it for yourself and start.

Accessing a programme

If you have purchased them through Cappfinity, we will transfer you a training programme via email. Please accept the transfer and either start the programme yourself (see above) or transfer on to your recipients.

Who can complete the accreditation?

Anyone who wants to help others be their best SELF so is ideal for coaches, educators, HR/L&D professionals and managers.
The Strengthener and Accreditation have no pre-requisite to attend as they teach you about the Strengths Profile product and how to use the tool to coach. 
With the Master programme (Level 3 coming in Autumn 21) you will need to have completed the Accreditation (Level 2).

What will I receive during the training programmes?

Within each training programme you’ll receive additional materials such as a workbook, certification and Profile(s). Please see our training programmes for more details.

Do I have to be accredited to use Strengths Profile?

No, you can still buy Profiles. We don’t make it compulsory, but it certainly helps you embed the strengths approach with your clients and teams with full knowledge of best practice and application. If you already use similar assessments, you may consider The Strengthener Programme or one of our Toolkits.


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