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I've sent an invitation, however they get an error saying - This invite is invalid. Invites can only be redeemed using the email address they were sent to

When you send an invitation you send it to a specific email address.

Please check the email address on the invite you have sent, if the email address was copied and pasted in, there may be error stopping the invite being accessed correctly (as per screen shot below)

The recipient of the email must have an account or will create an account that is an exact match to the email you have sent the invite to.

It is not permitted to use a different account to consume your invite than the one specified in your invite.

Check with your recipient that the email is a match.

What is the difference between inviting people through invites and using the groups

There are two different types of invites within the Strengths Profile Platform; The Personal invite and the Group invite.

The Personal Invite.

This type of invite is accessable through the dashboard item Transfers and Invites.

Transfers and Invites



















  • This form of invite will be personal to your own account and can be viewed from the Transfers and Invites page.
  • The invite is private to you and the Invited user and can not be accessed by others unless permission is granted for that access.

The Group Invite.

This type of invite is accessable through the dashboard item Groups.

Group Menu

Once you select the group you are interested in, or create a new group, the invites are accessed through the Add Members function;

Add Members 

  • Each of the invited group members and their profiles are listed here along with the status of the users profiles.
  • The profiles are accessible by any user that has Administrator permissions for this group, or is the Profile owner.


I have added new invitees to my group but their name does not appear in the add to group list

  • When you add new members to a group, you may see a list of names of Strengths Profile members you have previously invited.
  • They will be added to the group once you have pressed finish. 
  • This allows you to select members you have already invited and invite new members without the view becoming confusing.
  • Don't worry if you forget to add somebody because you cannot see who you have invited so far, you can always add them to the group.
  • Click Finish when you are done which will generate the group.

How do I send invites to add to my group

  • Log in to your account 
  • Click uour name (top left-hand corner)
  • Select Your Dashboard.
  • Hover over the  (top left-hand corner) this will bring up the menu
  • Select Groups 
  • Select View next to the group you would like to add members to.
  • Click Add Members 
  • If the invitee/s is in your existing contacts, they will appear. If they are new to Strengths Profile, click on Send an Invitation and enter the invitee's email address, click add.
  • You can enter multiple email addresses at one time with a comma. (Hint: be careful when copying and pasting that only the email address is shown, and no < >)
  • If you enter the email wrong click the red Remove Email button under action.
  • Select which profile you would like to send each invitee and if you would like to withhold their results from them.
  • Then select send.

How do I send an invitation

To send a personal invitation you must have uses of a product available and be in your dashboard.

From your dashboard page you then select Invites and Transfers.

Transfers and Invites

 You will now be shown the Invites and transfers page.

This page shows you the Product uses you own, and allows you to Invite users to take a profile.

Send an invite

You should ensure that Invitations is underlined as above, then click on Send an invitation.

Once you have done that then you will be shown the Invite configuration window.

Send A Profile 

Using the window shown above, you can select whether you want to send an Introductory or an Expert Profile.

You then enter the email address(es) you want the profile(s) to be sent to.

Next you can add an optional message that will appear in the email you send to the recipient(s)

There follows a checkbox to allow you to insert a Careers Guide section into the sent profile results, or not as you require.

You can specify a Group from this window, in doing this the invite(s) will be inserted into an existing group which you may select, or a new group you can create at this point.

Not selecting these group features will mean the invite remains in your personal invites page.

You can also check the box that allows you to withhold the results of the profile assessment for up to thirty days. This feature is to allow you to prepare a brief for the user at which point you would reveal their results to them.

If you want to, before you send the profile(s), you can preview the message that will be sent to the recipient(s) by toggling the edit/preview switch.

Once all is complete, you can send the profile(s) by clicking on the Send Profile(s) button.

Each of your invite adresses will appear in the 'Your invitations' section of the Invites and Transfers page, when the Invitations tab is selected.

Your uses of a product will not be adjusted until the emails have been accepted by the recipient(s) of the profile uses.

You have up until this point to be able to cancel the invitation to any user by selecting Cancel Invitation in the more options function.

More options

How do I create and view an invitations group

To create an invitations group, 

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on Your Name(Top right-hand corner)
  • Hover over the  (top left-hand corner) this will bring up the menu
  • Click Invites & Transfers
  • Click Send an Invitation 
  • Here you you will need to:
  • Type in your invitee's email address (under Recipients)
  • (System Message) you can add a personalised message (optional)
  • (Groups) Tick the  box saying "Add invitees to a new group" If you choose to add the invitees to a new group, you will be asked to give the group a name.
  • (Groups) Tick the box saying "Add invitees to an exsisting group", If you choose to invite them to an existing group, you will be asked to provide the name of the group you wish to add them to.
  • (Withold Profiles) Tick the box if you would like to withhold the profile Profile results can be withheld up to a maximum of 30 days upon completion of the assessment after which they are available to view by the taker.
  • Click Send Profiles

To view the invitations group,

  • Hover over the  (top left-hand corner
  • select  Groups 
  • Click View (on the right) of the group you wish to view




  • Here you will be able to see the status of each invitation & profile



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