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I have purchased a profile but cannot see where to complete it?

After the process of purchasing a profile is completed, there will be a button that will display on the page which will indicate go to dashboard. Depending upon whether you are a Practitioner or an Individual will depend on which dashboard you use.

For Personal Dashboard you will see a button which will allow you to start the assessment.

For Practitioner Dashboard you will see in My Product Balance above the purchased profile name is the number of profiles you currently have in your balance.


·         Log Into Your Account (if not already logged in)
·         Click your name in the top right hand corner
·         Click on “Dashboard
·         Once in the Dashboard scroll down to Profile Timeline 
·         In the Profile Timeline you will see “Take A New Profile




I purchased a profile but haven't been sent a code to take my Strengths Profile?

You purchase your profile, of which you will Not recieve a code. Upon successful purchase you can navigate to your dashboard (Once logged in). In the dashboard if you scroll down to the Profile Timeline there will be a button that states "Take a new profile", clicking this will redeem your recently purchased profile.


  • Log into your account (If not already logged in)
  • Click your name in the top right hand corder
  • Click on "Dashboard"
  • Once i nthe dashboard scroll down until you see Profile Timeline
  • Underneath the header you will see "Take a new profile" button
  • Click this to start your assessment

How do I invite someone to complete a profile

There are 2 ways to send a Profile to someone and 1 way to give away your purchases to someone else;

Invitation - Inviting somebody to take a profile means that you can see their results. To learn more about sending invitations, please see How to send an invitation

Shareable Link - a shareable link allows you to bulk invite a large number of invitees to a group. Each group receives a unique code, which they can send out themselves to their members to redeem. To learn more about sharable links and how to send them, please see Sending a shareable code

Transfer - Transferring profiles means you give complete ownership of the profile to another user. To learn more about transferring profiles, please see How do I transfer uses of a product to someone

How do I view an assessment

Your assessment is downloadable through you dashboard

Viewing your Own assessment.

  • To view your own assessment: log in to your strenths profile account
  • Click Your Name (Top right-hand corner)
  • Then Select Dashboard
  • Your assessments will then show as in the example below
  • Your most recent profile will be shown on the left side, you are able to download the full profile including your potential and careers guide if permitted.
  • On the right side you can download additional sections of your profile seperately.
  • For instance if you have an Expert profile you can also download an Introductory profile.
  • You may also download the full 'Your Potential' results and the full 'Careers Guide' results if you are able to see these.


 Viewing someone else's assessment.

  • Once you've intvited a user to take an assesment, you can download their completed report.
  • If you login to your strengths profile account
  • Click Your Name (Top-right corner)
  • Then Select Dashboard
  • Then click on the  (top-left corner)
  • Select Invites & Transfers
  • In the invites list you will see a column labeled Status. 
  • The status column will determine if the user has;
    • accepted the invitation
    • started but not finished (Pending) the invitation
    • completed their profile.
  • To view the completed report click View







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