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The Strengths Profile Master Accreditation is an online or two-day in person programme where you'll take a deeper exploration into strengths coaching and how you can apply this to strengthen individuals, teams, careers and managers.

Master (LEVEL 3)

Who should use it?

The Master Accreditation brings to life the 4 Strengths Profile Toolkits, with practical video-based learning that gives you the tools to embed strengths further in your organisation or practice.

Coaches who want to become experts in Strengths Profile and supporting clients to unlock their potential. Building on your strengths knowledge, the Master Accreditation shows how to have powerful conversations about strengths dynamics and Profile changes over time.

Managers who want to explore how they can use their own strengths to lead their team effectively and to develop the strengths of their team. Managers will learn how to have impactful strengths discussions with members of their team about performance and career development.

HR Professionals who want to deepen the strengths approach by running workshops, leveraging the Team Profile and supporting managers to embed strengths. The Master Accreditation gives the best practice guidance to successfully embed strengths within their organisation.

Educators who want to have engaging career conversations with students about their strengths and suitable careers. Educators will learn how to apply strengths in all areas of career and personal development for students. They will also learn how to embed strengths in their own team.

To complete the Level 3 Master Accreditation, it will be necessary to complete the Level 2 Accreditation in advance.

What's Included:

  • 14 hours of learning including videos, assignments and a live assessment
  • 4 Toolkits included: Coaching, Team, Careers and Manager, worth £595
  • 15% discount on Profiles following accreditation
  • Certificate

What will I learn?

  • Coaching Module how to debrief unique profiles and have meaningful discussions about strengths dynamics, strengths families and Profile changes over time
  • Teams Module skills to deliver Team workshops to embed a strengths approach throughout your organisation. Receive live feedback on your Team Workshop assignment with our coaches.
  • Careers Module how to have conversations that help people get excited about their career direction that lead to energising and rewarding choices in the future.
  • Manager Modules how to help managers lead from their strengths and build their own strengths-based teams for maximum performance and engagement.

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I really enjoyed the Strengths Profile accreditation process. The advice and guidance provided in the videos was very helpful in considering not only how to recognise strengths and nurture unrealised opportunities, but also in how to prompt clients to push themselves towards identifying ways forward in the debriefing activity.

Kenneth Sweeney
Associate Lecturer

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