Help article: Free Starter Profile

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As a practitioner, how can I upgrade someone else’s Starter Profile today?

  • You will need to have purchased a stabndard Introductory or Expert Profile in advance (NOT UPGRADE)
  • In your dashboard, go to the ‘Invites & Transfers’ tab,
  • Use the transfer tab to send them a standard Introductory or Expert Profile (NOT UPGRADE)
  • The user will receive an email which they need to accept, login to their account and click on the Introductory or Expert upgrade button next to their Starter Profile.
  • If you need access to the new Profile yourself, the user will need to send this to you.
  • Access to other people's Profiles will be launching in Autumn.
  • You will also be able to bulk upgrade people in your dashboard who have accessed the Free Starter Profile from Autumn


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