Help article: Sending out Profiles

Understand how you can send Profiles for others to complete an assessment

How do I invite one person to complete a Profile?

  • Ensure you have a Profile already purchased and in your (practitioner) dashboard.
  • To send out an individual Introductory or Expert Profile to one person, use the left-hand menus to select Invites & Transfers and then Invitations


  • Click on send an invitation

send an invitation

  • Complete the pop-up details, sending out the Profile of your choice. Please note the individual will need to login or create an account using the exact email address you have used.
  • You can also choose to include the Career Guide (free) and add your invitee to a new or existing groups (see topics on groups)
  • You can also choose to withhold a Profile for 30 days. It will automatically be released after the 30 days.


  • Finally, you can add a personal message in the ‘System message’ for your invitee. If you wish to view the final message, use the slider to switch to preview

Preview message


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