Help article: Profiles

Not sure which Profile is best suited to your needs? Let us aid you in making your decision.

I've completed my profile, how do I access the results?

Upon completing your profile you will be redirected to the dashboard, of which you will see you are able to download your latest profile including extra resources if they have been granted (If Invited). On the left side of the main card you can download the profile including Your Potential and Careers Guide. On the right hand side you can download a lower tier seperately, so if you have an Expert profile you can download Introductory.

Alternatively you could scroll down to the Profile Timeline where you will see every profile you have ever taken, here the cards go from Left to Right in Chronological order. Clicking on your first card will display your latest profile results.


  • Log into your account (if not already logged in)
  • Click your name in the top right hand corner
  • Click on "Dashboard"
  • Once in the Dashboard the main card Outlines your Top Strength
  • Under the top strength you can download the latest including extra pages (If allowed via invitor)
  • Alternatively on the right side of the card you can download each item seperately


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