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How do I find a toolkit I have just purchased?

After purchasing your profiles, navigate to the Dashboard. Inside the dashboard you will be able to see a dropdown in the top right of the screen which will allow you to switch between the Personal and Practitioner dashboard. You can then view your Product Balance at the top of the screen. This here outlines all of the different purchases you have made and how many currently you have remaining.

The toolkits can only be viewed / downloaded in the Practitioner dashboard. The first section in this dashboard is the Product Balance, of which upon successful purchase you will notice the number associated with the toolkit you have purchased will increase. To redeem the toolkit you can scroll down to the My Resources section and find the toolkit / programme you are seeking which will then state click to unlock.


  • Log into your account (If not already logged in)
  • Click your name in the top right hand corner
  • Click on "Dashboard"
  • Once in the Dashboard in the top right click the dropdown
  • Select the Practitioner Dashboard
  • At the top of the screen you will see Product Balance with all of the toolkits you have purchased
  • If you scroll down you will see under Resources the toolkits you can unlock


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