Help article: Invites

Looking to help others unlock their potential? Send them a Strengths Profile!

How do I send a profile

  • Log in to your account and purchase the profile(s) from the Store.
  • Then, go to your Dashboard.
  • Go to the invites section by going to the far left hand side of the screen and clicking Invitations from the pop out. 
  • Click on the Send an Invitation button.
  • Select the type of profile you would like to send.
  • Enter your invitee's email address (this must be the exact same email address that they use to set up their Strengths Profile account).
  • You can add your own message. 
  • Select if you would like to withhold your invitee's assessment. You can withhold your invitee from seeing their results for a maximum of 30 days.
  • You can also choose whether to add this person to a group. 
  • Click Send Profile(s)
  • The invitee will recieve and email from containing the invite. They must click acept, create an account and they'll be taken to the assessment. 


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