Help article: Profiles

Not sure which Profile is best suited to your needs? Let us aid you in making your decision.

I have purchased a profile but cannot see where to complete it?

After the process of purchasing a profile is completed, there will be a button that will display on the page which will indicate go to dashboard. Depending upon whether you are a Practitioner or an Individual will depend on which dashboard you use.

For Personal Dashboard you will see a button which will allow you to start the assessment.

For Practitioner Dashboard you will see in My Product Balance above the purchased profile name is the number of profiles you currently have in your balance.


·         Log Into Your Account (if not already logged in)
·         Click your name in the top right hand corner
·         Click on “Dashboard
·         Once in the Dashboard scroll down to Profile Timeline 
·         In the Profile Timeline you will see “Take A New Profile





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