Help article: Accounts

Looking to register with Strengths Profile, forgotten your password or have a general accounts query? Here you will find tips on setting up and managing your account.

How do I use a shareable code?

A shareable code allows you to create one weblink with multiple profile codes on it to send out to groups via your own communication

  • Log into your account.
  • Create a group, select 'Manage Your Uses' and using the arrows select the number of Profiles you would like to transfer into the group (these are taken from your from the stock in your main dashboard). 
  • Visit the group dashboard and click on 'Shareable code' that is displayed underneath the Introductory or Expert Profiles.
  • Copy that code in its entirety and paste it in your own communications.
  • You can apply specific domain names for use with the code e.g. only people with a email address can access the link. 




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