Help article: Transfers

Looking to distribute products within a team or organisation? We've got you covered.

What is the difference between a transfer and an invite

A transfer allows you to gift one or a number of uses for a product to another user by using a product transfer.

A transfer is accessable through the dashboard using the menu;

Once the transfer has been sent, and the user has accepted the transfer request, the recipient user will take ownership of the uses of the product which will then appear in the recipient users dashboard and disappear from the senders dashboard (Yours). You will not have oversight of these uses once the transfer is accepted.

An invite allows you to ask someone to complete an individual assessment that you maintain visibility of.

As in the transfer, an invite is accessed through the dashboard menu (see image above).

Once the invited users Profile is completed you will receive a notification (if turned on) and can access their results from your dashboard through the Transfers and Invites menu.

Your invited user will also receive their Profile in their account so they can view the results - unless you have chosen to withhold the results from them, in which case their profile will be released and viewable to them 30 days after completing the profile.


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