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How do I view an assessment

Your assessment is downloadable through you dashboard

Viewing your Own assessment.

  • To view your own assessment: log in to your strenths profile account
  • Click Your Name (Top right-hand corner)
  • Then Select Dashboard
  • Your assessments will then show as in the example below
  • Your most recent profile will be shown on the left side, you are able to download the full profile including your potential and careers guide if permitted.
  • On the right side you can download additional sections of your profile seperately.
  • For instance if you have an Expert profile you can also download an Introductory profile.
  • You may also download the full 'Your Potential' results and the full 'Careers Guide' results if you are able to see these.


 Viewing someone else's assessment.

  • Once you've intvited a user to take an assesment, you can download their completed report.
  • If you login to your strengths profile account
  • Click Your Name (Top-right corner)
  • Then Select Dashboard
  • Then click on the  (top-left corner)
  • Select Invites & Transfers
  • In the invites list you will see a column labeled Status. 
  • The status column will determine if the user has;
    • accepted the invitation
    • started but not finished (Pending) the invitation
    • completed their profile.
  • To view the completed report click View







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