Help article: Invites

Looking to help others unlock their potential? Send them a Strengths Profile!

How do I send invites to add to my group

  • Log in to your account 
  • Click uour name (top left-hand corner)
  • Select Your Dashboard.
  • Hover over the  (top left-hand corner) this will bring up the menu
  • Select Groups 
  • Select View next to the group you would like to add members to.
  • Click Add Members 
  • If the invitee/s is in your existing contacts, they will appear. If they are new to Strengths Profile, click on Send an Invitation and enter the invitee's email address, click add.
  • You can enter multiple email addresses at one time with a comma. (Hint: be careful when copying and pasting that only the email address is shown, and no < >)
  • If you enter the email wrong click the red Remove Email button under action.
  • Select which profile you would like to send each invitee and if you would like to withhold their results from them.
  • Then select send.


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