Help article: Profiles

Not sure which Profile is best suited to your needs? Let us aid you in making your decision.

How do I invite someone to complete a profile

There are 2 ways to send a Profile to someone and 1 way to give away your purchases to someone else;

Invitation - Inviting somebody to take a profile means that you can see their results. To learn more about sending invitations, please see How to send an invitation

Shareable Link - a shareable link allows you to bulk invite a large number of invitees to a group. Each group receives a unique code, which they can send out themselves to their members to redeem. To learn more about sharable links and how to send them, please see Sending a shareable code

Transfer - Transferring profiles means you give complete ownership of the profile to another user. To learn more about transferring profiles, please see How do I transfer uses of a product to someone


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