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How do I add an existing member to my group?

To add existing members to a group, follow the steps as below:

1. Login to your account and Click on Your Name (Top right-hand corner)and Select Dashboard

2. Hover over the  (top-left corner)

3. Select Groups and click on View  Next to the group you want to add members to (screenshot as below)

Click Add Members - This will then bring up a new page as screenshot below



4. Add existing contacts with Profiles into a new group
To add people who are already existing contacts, tick the box next to their name (you can choose more than one at a time). Then press Save Changes. If they have a completed Profile they will be asked to give permission via email. Once they have done this you will see their Profile.

5. To add new contacts - including those already with an existing Profile you wish to view
Click Send An Invitation
Enter each email address separately of the people you want to add to the group 
Then click Add (screenshot below)

6. In the next screen there are different options to choose from, here you will need to select:

Profile Type - None is used if you want to add them to the group and view their existing Profile - even if the Profile was not one you have originally sent

Withhold? - tick the box to withhold the profile for 30 days (you can unlock it before this if you wish

Career Guide - untick if you do not want them to view their career guide (this can be added after if needed

Remove icon - click if you have made an error and no longer wish for that person to be added.


Once you've added all email addresses click Send Invitations


Each user selected will be asked to consent to you viewing their existing Profile or if they are a new user they will be sent the Profile you have selected to send.


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