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Completing the assessment and viewing a Strengths Profile in Spanish

How do I create a team profile in Spanish?

·         Please note Team Profiles can only be created using Expert Profiles.

·         You will need Profiles in your dashboard before you begin

·         Select ‘ES’ at the top right-hand corner to create a Team Profile in Spanish

Invite people using Groups (recommended)

·         Buy the Profiles you Create a new group or select an existing group

·         Add your Profiles through ‘Manage your uses’ using + button and save changes

·         Go to the group again and click on the shareable code under the Profile balance. Here you will be given an option to include the Career Guide. Copy the link and send via an email to everyone you wish to complete a Profile



Invite people using Invitations

          Select the group, select ‘Add Members’ and then click on ‘Send an Invitation’.

          Enter the email address of your team member, then click ‘add’.

          Click ‘None’ if they already have a profile, then click send.

          If ES is selected the invite will arrive in Spanish.

          Participants will receive an email from with an invitation to join this group. They must sign in with the same email address that you entered in the invitation.

          Once your team members have completed their profiles, you can then create the Team Profile: You will need to add a Team Profile to this group using ‘Manage your uses’

          Select the people you wish to include.

          Click ‘create team’ profile, wait a few seconds and download it.

          To find it again, click ‘View’ into the relevant group and scroll to the bottom to view all team reports.

          IMPORTANT -You cannot edit or amend the team report after it has been generated, so please ensure everyone who needs to be in the report is added.


          PLEASE NOTE -The Manager Profile has not been translated into Spanish and will be downloaded in English




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