Help article: Invites

Looking to help others unlock their potential? Send them a Strengths Profile!

How do I invite others to take a Strengths Profile?

To invite others to take a Strengths Profile for which you would like to view their results you will need to:
1.       Click ‘Profiles’ from the navigation bar displayed on the Strengths Profile homepage 
2.       Choose the relevant number of Profiles (Introductory or Expert)
3.       Add your chosen Profiles to the basket and buy
4.       If you haven’t already, you will need to Register or Login to your Strengths Profile account
5.       Complete your purchase
6.       Once you have completed your purchase you will be directed to the ‘Your Purchases’ screen on your dashboard where you will see a summary of your Purchases 
7.        Click on the ‘Invite others’ button for the profiles that you would like your invitees to complete
8.       You will then be shown an invite window in which you can enter the email addresses of your invitees and an optional custom message 
9.       Once you have confirmed the invitations, the profiles will be successfully sent to your invitees


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